Science Gallery RSS feed for public list Science Gallery "Vulgar and mechanick" : by Burnett, James Eugene, A social history of truth : by Shapin, Steven. Archives of the scientific revolution : Brass & glass : by Clarke, T. N. Elizabethan instrument makers : by Turner, Gerard L'Estrange Enlightenment : Enlightenment, modernity and science : by Elliott, Paul A. From Earth-bound to satellite : Henry Maudslay & the pioneers of the machine age / Histories of scientific observation / Humphrey Cole : Instrument makers to the world : by McConnell, Anita. Inventing temperature : by Chang, Hasok. Jesse Ramsden (1735-1800) : by McConnell, Anita. London in paint : Mathematical instrument-makers in the Grocers' Company, 1688-1800, with notes on some earlier makers / by Brown, Joyce, Metropolis and province : Pandora's breeches : by Fara, Patricia. Science and profit in 18th century London / Science for a polite society : by Sutton, Geoffrey V. Scientific culture and urbanisation in industrialising Britain / by Inkster, Ian. Sex, botany & empire : by Fara, Patricia. Sir Jonas Moore : by Willmoth, Frances, Sir Thomas Gresham and Gresham College : The arts of industry in the Age of Enlightenment / by Fox, Celina. The Cambridge history of science The divided circle : by Bennett, J. A. The English brass and copper industries to 1800. by Hamilton, Henry, The honourable company : by Keay, John. The mathematicians' apprenticeship : by Feingold, Mordechai. The sciences in enlightened Europe / The transits of Venus : by Woolf, Harry. The Uses of science in the age of Newton / The Whipple Museum of the History of Science : The wisdom of George the Third : Wicked intelligence : by Hunter, Matthew C. Women and science, 17th century to present : Women, science and medicine, 1500-1700 :