Medicine RSS feed for public list Medicine A global history of medicine / Ambroise Pare, surgeon of the Renaissance / by Hamby, Wallace B. An infinity of things : by Larson, Frances, Ayurvedic man : Between flesh and steel : by Gabriel, Richard A. Blessed days of anaesthesia : by Snow, Stephanie J. Chloroform : by Stratmann, Linda. Contagious communities : by Bivins, Roberta E., Cure : by Marchant, Jo. Divine doctors and dreadful distempers : by Sumich, Christi Keating. Dr. Mütter's marvels : by Aptowicz, Cristin O'Keefe, Health and wellness in the 19th century / by Brunton, Deborah. Healthcare in private and public from the early modern period to 2000 / High society : by Jay, Mike, In the bonesetter's waiting room : by Prasad, Aarathi, Medical theory, surgical practice : Medicine : Medicine and the workhouse / Medicine in First World War Europe : by Reid, Fiona Medicine, knowledge and venereal diseases in England, 1886-1916 / by Hanley, Anne R., Medicine, sport and the body : by Carter, Neil, Mending bodies, saving souls : by Risse, Guenter B., Misery to mirth : by Newton, Hannah, Modern death : by Warraich, Haider Quackery : by Kang, Lydia, Secret science : by Schmidt, Ulf, Surgery and society in peace and war : by Cooter, Roger The anatomical Venus / by Ebenstein, Joanna, The birth of the clinic : by Foucault, Michel, The history of medicine by Jackson, Mark, The hospital in the Oatfield : The medicine cabinet : The mesmerist : by Moore, Wendy, The Palgrave handbook of the history of surgery / by Schlich, T The politics of wounds : by Carden-Coyne, Ana, The sick rose : by Barnett, Richard, The smile stealers : by Barnett, Richard, This way madness lies : by Jay, Mike, War, medicine and modernity / Wars, pestilence & the surgeon's blade : by Scotland, Thomas Witches, midwives, and nurses : by Ehrenreich, Barbara,