Ancient Greek RSS feed for public list Ancient Greek A history of Pythagoreanism / A little history of science / by Bynum, W. F. A new theory of the earth, from its original, to the consummation of all things : by Whiston, William, A Portfolio of portraits of eminent mathematicians / A source book in Greek science / by Cohen, Morris Raphael, Adversaries and authorities : by Lloyd, G. E. R. Aladdin's lamp : by Freely, John, An Islamic response to Greek astronomy : by Maḥbūbī, ʻUbayd Allāh ibn Masʻūd, Ancient astronomy and celestial divination / Ancient Greek cosmogony / by Gregory, Andrew. Ancient philosophy, mystery, and magic : by Kingsley, Peter. Apollonii Pergaei Conicorum libri octo : by Apollonius, Archimedes in the Middle Ages. by Archimedes. Archimedes in the Middle Ages. by Archimedes. Archimedes in the Middle Ages. by Archimedes. Archimedes in the Middle Ages. by Archimedes. Archimedes in the Middle Ages. by Archimedes. Archimedes in the Middle Ages. by Archimedes. Bronze Age, Greek, and Roman technology : by Oleson, John Peter. Chasing shadows : by Montelle, Clemency. Die Briefe des Pythagoras und der Pythagoreer / by Städele, Alfons. Die fünf Platonischen Körper / by Sachs, Eva, Die Pythagoreer : by Waerden, B. L. van der Early Greek science : by Lloyd, G. E. R. Enneades arithmeticae : Euclid's Phaenomena : by Euclid. Forging the methodology that enlightened modern civilization / by Schlagel, Richard H., Gears from the Greeks : by Price, Derek John de Solla. Greek and Roman naval warfare : by Rodgers, William Ledyard, Greek and Roman science / by Nardo, Don, Greek and Roman sundials / by Gibbs, Sharon L. Greek biology & Greek medicine / by Singer, Charles Joseph, Greek fire, poison arrows, and scorpion bombs : by Mayor, Adrienne, Greek oared ships, 900-322 B.C., / by Morrison, J. S. Greek rational medicine : by Longrigg, James. Greek science : by Farrington, Benjamin, Greek science : by Farrington, Benjamin, Greek science / by Rihll, T. E. Greek science after Aristotle / by Lloyd, G. E. R. Greek science in antiquity / by Clagett, Marshall. Greek science of the Hellenistic era : by Irby-Massie, Georgia L. Greek studies in the philosophy and history of science / Heaven and Earth in ancient Greek cosmology : by Couprie, Dirk L., How Greek science passed to the Arabs / by O'Leary, De Lacy, How Greek science passed to the Arabs / by O'Leary, De Lacy, Iamblichus' Life of Phythagoras, or, Pythagoric life : by Iamblichus, Inventing the universe : by Brisson, Luc. La matematica da Pitagora a Newton / by Lombardo Radice, Lucio. Le rôle du pythagorisme dans l'évolution des idées / by Brunschvicg, Léon, Lore and science in ancient Pythagoreanism / by Burkert, Walter. Lore and science in ancient Pythagoreanism. / by Burkert, Walter, Magic, reason and experience : by Lloyd, G. E. R. Mathematical recreations, or, A collection of many problems extracted out of the ancient and modern philosophers, as secrets and experiments in arithmetick, geometry, cosmography, horologiography, astronomy, navigation, musick, opticks, architecture, statick, mechanicks, chymistry, water-works, fire-works, &c. ... / Mathematics and physical science in classical antiquity, / by Heiberg, J. L. Measuring heaven : by Joost-Gaugier, Christiane L. Methods and problems in Greek science / by Lloyd, G. E. R. Music and mathematics : Music, experiment and mathematics in England, 1653-1705 / by Wardhaugh, Benjamin, Oculus artificialis teledioptricus sive telescopium : by Zahn, Johann, Physics / by Aristotle Physics / by Aristotle Posidonius. by Posidonius. Posidonius. by Posidonius. Power and knowledge : by Barton, Tamsyn, Principles and practices in ancient Greek and Chinese science / by Lloyd, G. E. R. Pythagoras : by Navia, Luis E. Pythagoras : by Riedweg, Christoph. Pythagoras : by Ferguson, Kitty. Pythagoras & his theorem / by Strathern, Paul. Pythagoras and the early Pythagoreans / by Zhmud, Leonid. Pythagoras and the Pythagoreans : by Kahn, Charles H. Pythagoras musicus : by Münxelhaus, Barbara. Pythagoras revived : by O'Meara, Dominic J. Pythagoras' trousers : by Wertheim, Margaret. Reconfiguring the world : by Osler, Margaret J., Revolutions of geometry / by O'Leary, Michael, Science and Eastern Orthodoxy : by Nicolaidis, Efthymios. Science and mathematics in ancient Greek culture / Science and speculation : Science before Socrates : by Graham, Daniel W. Science secrets : by Martínez, Alberto A. Science, folklore and ideology : by Lloyd, G. E. R. Space through the ages : by Lanczos, Cornelius, Studies in the history and method of science, / Success and suppression : by Hasse, Dag Nikolaus Taming the unknown : by Katz, Victor J. The alchemy of glass : by Beretta, Marco. The Babylonian theorem : by Rudman, Peter Strom. 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