Balloons RSS feed for public list Balloons A descriptive and historical catalogue : A short history of balloons and flying machines / Air-navigation : by Luntley, John, Airships and balloons / by Jackson, G. Gibbard Ballooning, 1782-1972. Balloons and ballooning : Balloons, airships and flying machines / by Bacon, Gertrude. Histoire des ballons : Histoire des ballons et des ascensions célèbres / by Sircos, A. Man in the clouds : by Gardiner, Leslie. My life and balloon experiences : by Coxwell, Henry Tracey, The aeronauts : by Rolt, L. T. C., Up in the clouds / by Ballantyne, R. M. Wonderful balloon ascents, or, The conquest of the skies : by Marion, F.